This object comprises a simple scene file and a choice of 3 copyright free images of the earth from The scene file maps an image onto a sphere and optionally adds clouds. also contains higher resolution images than those incorporated in this object and various other earth images derived from different data sources. All of the images there are in a cylindrical (latitude/longitude) projection, so are suitable for mapping to a sphere in the same way.

Control Variables

The following variables are set at the top of the sample scene file to facilitate manipulation of the scene:


Where 0=No and 1=Yes.


A 3D vector in degrees.


The 3 images included in the download are:
theearth_bigearth.jpg 'True' colour representation - high resolution
theearth_topography.jpg Colours indicate Heights and Depths
theearth_mapperwdb.jpg World DataBase Country markings

The Images and Sample Renders