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[Thumbnail which links to a larger demo image] ScaryCoronavirus is a library module from the Persistence of Vision Ray Tracer (POV-Ray) Object Collection. It models a Gorgon-like virion based on the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus. The protein spikes have demonic-looking faces. It is hoped that this module will provide some cathartic relief during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Downloaded Files

The italicized nnnnnn in some of the file names represents the 6-digit number that is in the name of the .zip file.

Key Files
File Description
scarycoronavirus.html The user manual (this document) The ScaryCoronavirus software.
scarycoronavirus.pov An example scene description file
scarycoronavirus_35.ini An INI file to render the sample scene with POV-Ray 3.5 or 3.6
scarycoronavirus_37.ini An INI file to render the sample scene with POV-Ray 3.7 or later
scarycoronavirus.jpg Sample output images
Administrative Files
File Description
READMEnnnnnn.html Important information about using the POV-Ray Object Collection
scarycoronavirus_description.txt A brief description of ScaryCoronavirus
scarycoronavirus_keywords.txt A list of keywords
scarycoronavirus_prereqs.txt Prerequisites
scarycoronavirus.css Other administrative files

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Namespace Compliance

All file names in this module and all global and local identifiers defined in comply fully with the Object Collection naming standards, as revised August 2008 and proposed August 2012. The reserved prefixes for this module are “ScaryCoronavirus” and “scov,” including any uppercase and lowercase variants.

ScaryCoronavirus uses the Object Collection module RoundEdge, which reserves the prefixes “RoundEdge” and “RE,” including any uppercase and lowercase variants.

To avoid conflicts, do not introduce into your scene description file any identifiers with the same name as any of these prefixes, or any identifiers that start with these prefixes plus an underscore.

The identifier View_POV_Include_Stack from the standard include file is referenced by, although itself is not used.


Include this file once prior to using any of the macros:

#include ""

Including the file more than once is harmless, though unnecessary.

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ScaryCoronavirus (Diameter, t_Envelope, t_Spike, t_MProtein, t_EProtein, Quality)

Creates a coronavirus with a demonic-looking face on each of its protein spikes.


Formal Parameter Type Description
Diameter float The diameter of the virion, with each POV unit corresponding to 1 nanometer. The diameters should be between 50 and 200; diameters smaller than 50 are disallowed.
t_Envelope texture The texture of the envelope.
t_Spike texture The texture of the spike proteins. For some quality levels, a normal will be applied to this texture. Textures for the eyes and mouth will be automatically supplied.
t_MProtein texture The texture of the M-protein studs. For some quality levels, a normal will be applied to this texture.
t_EProtein texture The texture of the E-protein studs.
Quality float A quality code for the model.

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Other Identifiers

Global Parameters

Identifier Type Description Default
scov_Debug float If on, each call to ScaryCoronavirus() will write data to the debug stream; and also issue a warning if the construction algorithm is unable to avoid a collision between stud proteins. off
scov_Glow float The eyes and mouth textures have an intrinsic glow. scov_Glow is a multiplier for the intensity of this glow. 1.0
scov_Seed float A pseudorandom seed for the placement of stud proteins and the lumpiness of the envelope. 574647

If you wish a different value for scov_Seed, you must declare it prior to #including The other parameters may be changed at any time.

Quality Codes

Identifier Type Description
SCOV_BLOB_QUALITY float The envelope is constructed with a single lumpy blob, and a normal is applied to some of the protein textures.
SCOV_DRAFT_QUALITY float A smooth sphere is used for the envelope, and no normal is applied to the protein textures.
SCOV_MERGE_QUALITY float The envelope is constructed with a merge of a sphere and a blob of lumps, and a normal is applied to some of the protein textures.
SCOV_UNION_QUALITY float The envelope is constructed with a union of a sphere and a blob of lumps, and a normal is applied to some of the protein textures.

Other Reference Identifiers

Identifier Type Description Value
ScaryCoronavirus_Version float The ScaryCoronavirus version, in case the scene file needs that information. 1.0
SCOV_HSPIKE float The height, in nanometers, of the protein spike above the surrounding envelope. 12.0

Internal Identifiers

Any identifiers in that are not documented in this manual are considered “private” or “protected,” and are subject to change or elimination in a future update.

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About ScaryCoronavirus

Copyright © 2020 Richard Callwood III. Some rights reserved. Licensed under the Creative Commons-GNU Lesser General Public License.

The author of this module is not a microbiologist. This model is not intended to be an accurate portrayal of any virus.

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Change Log

Version Date Notes
n/a 2020 March 28 Work is started
1.0 2020 April 15 The unpublished initial version is completed.
1.0A 2020 May 9 The module is adapted for and released to the Object Collection

Please obtain your COVID-19 information only from epidemiologists or other relevantly qualified medical experts. And remember that nothing you read on the Web ever constitutes medical advice.

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