Lrchairs 1.1 User Manual


[Thumbnail which links to a demo image] Lrchairs is a library module from the Persistence of Vision Ray Tracer (POV-Ray) Object Collection that defines an inexpensive chair. The textures of the frame and seat are set by the user.

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Downloaded Files

The italicized nnnnnn in some of the file names represents the 6-digit number that is in the name of the .zip file.

Key Files
File Description
lrchairs.html The user manual (this document) The lrchairs software
lrchairs.jpg Sample output
lrchairs_example.pov An example scene description file
READMEnnnnnn.html Important information about using the POV-Ray Object Collection
Other Files
File Description
lrchairs.css A file used by the user manual
lrchairs_description.txt A brief description of lrchairs
lrchairs_keywords.txt A list of keywords
lrchairs_prereqs.txt Prerequisites (empty file)
lrchairs_thumbnail.jpg An illustration for the user manual
cc-LGPL-a.png Administrative files

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Lrchairs requires POV-Ray 3.5 or later.

Namespace Compliance

All file names in this module and all global and local identifiers defined in comply fully with the Object Collection naming standards, as revised August 2008 and proposed August 2012. The prefixes for this module are “lrchairs” and “Cp,” including any uppercase and lowercase variants; to avoid conflicts, do not declare identifiers that start with these prefixes plus an underscore.


Include this file once prior to using any of the features of lrchairs:

#include ""

Including the file more than once is harmless, though unnecessary.

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Cp_Chair (Cp_Ftex, Cp_Stex)

Defines a cheap chair. The chair faces the −z direction, and the origin is between the bottom ends of the rear legs. The unit scale of the model is 1 foot (30.48 cm).


The texture of the frame of the chair.
The texture of the seat and back of the chair.

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Scale Conversions

The unit scale of the chair is 1 foot. If your scene uses a different POV unit, you may scale the chair with one of the following values:

Identifier Type Description Value
CP_CM float Use this if your scene’s unit is 1 centimeter. 30.48
CP_FOOT float Included for completeness, you may use this if your scene’s unit is 1 foot. 1
CP_INCH float Use this if your scene’s unit is 1 inch. 12
CP_METER float Use one of these if your scene’s unit is 1 meter. 0.3048
CP_YARD float Use this if your scene’s unit is 1 yard. 1/3

Here is an example for a scene with a POV unit of 1 meter:

{ Cp_Chair (MyFrameTexture, MySeatTexture)
  scale CP_METER

As always, remember to scale the chair before translating it to its final location.

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About Lrchairs

Copyright © 2008 Leroy Whetstone and © 2014 Richard Callwood III. Some rights reserved. Licensed under the Creative Commons-GNU Lesser General Public License.

The entire artistic credit for this model goes to Mr. Whetstone.

Change Log

Version Date Notes Author
1.0 2008 August 21
  • The initial version is released.
Leroy Whetstone
1.0A 2008 August 21
  • A typo is corrected.
Leroy Whetstone
1.1 2014 December 31
  • The module is brought into full namespace compliance.
  • The POV-Ray version is set to 3.5.
  • Scale conversions are added.
Richard Callwood III

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