About POV-Ray  

The Persistence Of Vision Raytracer ('POV-Ray') is a freely downloadable cross-platform application that implements the raytracing algorithm, which is a technique for simulating the physical behavior of light utilizing software-based mathematical models. It can be used to generate photorealistic images that resemble objects in the real world, or to visualize 'virtual' objects that do not physically exist. It has been used worldwide - and even out of it - both by hobbyists and artists, and by educators and professionals in numerous fields including biochemistry/protein research, medicine, architecture, engineering/product design, and mathematical visualization.

More information about raytracing can be found in this POV-Ray tutorial and at oyonale.com's ISS page. For an eye-pleasing sample of what can be done with POV-Ray, see our Hall of Fame.

  About This Collection  

This collection contains files contributed by members of the POV-Ray community in the hope that others may find them useful. This collection has been built as a collaborative effort with the intention that it should continue to grow through subsequent contributions. The principles upon which this collection is based were agreed through discussions on the povray.general newsgroup.

The main intention of the collection is to provide files that can be used together under a common license, that permits people to freely use, modify and redistribute the files. Certain standards are applied to attempt to promote the interoperability of files and reduce issues such as naming conflicts.

It is foreseen that the collection will evolve over time and the primary purpose of licensing for modification and redistribution is that people will be able to enhance existing items taken from the collection and submit new versions for the benefit of others.

You are invited to provide feedback on items in the collection and to participate in discussions on the POV-Ray newsgroups using a newsgroup client (such as MS Outlook or Thunderbird) to access the povray.object-collection  newsgroup at news://news.povray.org/ or using a browser at http://news.povray.org/.

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